EST. 2008 

Grosz Co Lab is an inter-disciplinary design consultancy possessing a diverse creative skillset tempered with strategic insight. The award winning studio excels in producing work that achieves a balance of analytical and inspiration led design. A refreshing combination of fact and feeling, empathy and commerce, drive the delivery of design that has positive cultural impact and can transform organisations from the inside out. 

Enduring & collaborative relationships form the foundations of the studio – not only embedded within its name, but through actively fostering partnerships with clients and collaborators nationally and abroad.

Grosz Co Lab considers itself to be part company, part creative laboratory and innovative through the results of collaboration. 


Art Direction
Branding - Design & Strategy
Campaign - Strategy & Design
Creative Direction
Environmental Design
Exhibition - Design & Documentation
Experiential / Event Design
Motion - Design & Direction
Print - Design & Management
Product - Design & Development
Signage / Wayfinding Design
Typography Design
Web / Digital - Design, Strategy & Implementation

GroszCoLab Carlton Studio 01


Laura Camilleri

Hyper-curious, equal parts creative and pragmatic, Laura is informed by diverse creative disciplines. Her ideation led practice is one of rigour, inspiration and expression.


Ben Grosz

Coming from 3 generations of Artists and Musicians, Ben is influenced by the sensory power of contemporary art but his passion lies in the beauty, utility and purpose of design.