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The Invergowrie Foundation has been powering potential, with the provision of grants to advance the education of girls and women in Victoria, since 1992.

A rebrand of the organistion presented the opportunity to establish a clear position, and modernise TIF’s visual identity and communications to greater reflect its values, message and present & future initiatives. The creation of a new website enabled The Invergowrie Foundation to better share the history of the organisation, celebrate the achievements of grant recipients and look toward a bright future for women as they advance their careers in STEM.

The brand identity created is grounded in a messaging system created that is spirited, dynamic and distinctive. It brings to life a voice for this organisation, passionately committed to supporting their audience – many of whom are working in pioneering frontiers of education and innovation. Visit their site here and learn about their ongoing commitment to supporting girls and women pursuing careers in STEM.

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